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Side Projects

Fun things I pursue on the side that put my passions on display

Convention Fan Panelist

Since 2014, I have been competitively selected to present panels at anime and fandom conventions across the U.S. I have presented more than 30 times.

My panels are original creations and cover a wide variety of topics: breakdowns of different anime series, international travel, and deep dives into the businesses behind favorite fandoms.

KanonRail Key Art

Love Live!
Penlight Projects

I am a big J-Pop Idol fan. When I learned the group from my favorite franchise -- Love Live!

-- was coming to the U.S., I was inspired to organize a special surprise.

Penlights are LED glowsticks that fans wave in coordinated movements to bring extra excitement to performances. My team successfully organized a crowd-wide surprise during the concert for the performers. See below to learn more about our various projects.

I created my team completely online. It was comprised of talented fans who volunteered their skills in art, web design, video production, and more. I led all of these projects, as well as organized the team, managed the schedules, acted as creative director, managed finances (including raising over $200 on GoFundMe), ran our social media accounts, and sourced a printer. I was also on-site to organize and help hand out our flyers! 

Short Film

Hey guys! Check out my newest gaming vlog😘🎮 for some updates and gaming! Don't forget to like and subscribe!!


SPOILERS AHEAD: On the internet, we are bombarded by hundreds of ads every day and have learned to tune them out. But what happens when ad norms are broken? Inspired by the surrealism of shorts like "Too Many Cooks" and "Broomshakalaka" I wanted to create an ambiance of humorous unease.

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