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AXE Hype Can

Finding a way to transform a product you leave in your bathroom into something you take wherever you go.

hype can hero image

Axe Body Spray is always ready to help a guy feel confident about himself and attract possibilities. But life can get in the way of a guy's self-confidence. Finding a way to give yourself a boost from outside sources can be unreliable. What if there was an always-available hype man you could count on? 

What if Axe could be that hype man? 

The Problem

The Solution

Wrap Ripping
Can Rotation
Wrap Opening

Introducing the Hype Can! We transformed the can of AXE into an interactive moment to spread a boost of confidence whenever you need it. Once you pull on the tab to unwrap the limited edition double-wrapped AXE spray can, underneath is a variety of AXEpirations to give guys a hit of hype and help them overcome those moments of self-doubt.

The Activations

Time to scan the QR code found on the back of the can for a chance to win exclusive drip!

The Hype Can Collection was designed so you can keep your AXE with you at all times, since who knows when you will need your Hype Can. Each item in the collection is a bag or holder inspired by AXE and the current Y2K fashion resurgence. The main item is our AXE holder - just like your Dad's old flip phone holder but tricked out to hold your can. 

fanny pack display
Crossbody Bag
case display
static display axe holster
Winning Microsite

Here is what it looks like to win on our microsite, which is found by scanning your QR code. And even if you don't win you can sign up to receive text messages from the Hype Can to pump you up throughout the day!


All these activations were created to be thoughtful and actionable for the brand. They create an ecosystem that keeps the customer engaged and aware of the product.

*This is student work. Teammates: Peyton Spangler, Kat Thompson, Emma Fin, Martin Reese

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