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Making people care more about their impact on our planet by increasing the visibility of their impact.

The Problem

We know people want to make good choices for the environment but it's hard in a world where environmental impact is unclear and convenience is king.

75% of consumers don’t know how to identify sustainable products and their lack of knowledge about environmental certifications mean - and where to find them - only adds to the confusion.

Climate Signs Presentation - Ease (2).png

The Strategy

A two-fold idea that looked beyond the individual impact to find a way to shift buying behavior to incentivize companies to become more environmentally friendly.

Influence consumer shopping habits

Create a system that requires little extra effort on the consumer's part to get them to think about shopping more sustainably.

Forces a production shift toward sustainability

Increasing preference for sustainable products will lead companies to increase the production of green goods.

The Solution

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A smart labeling system that immediately lets shoppers know how sustainably their product was made.

ease is a simple system that will be integrated into a store's POS. When shoppers are comparing prices, they can also compare environmental impacts.

*This is student work. Teammates: Paul Noonan, Shaunak Patel, Maryn Tan, Kennedy Thompson

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