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Universal Experience Audit

How can we improve the current technology experience at Universal Studios so guests get the most out of their day?

During my internship at Universal Studios, our team wanted to conduct an audit of key technology experiences to see:

1) How guests were interacting with these experiences 

2) That they were running correctly 

3) What improvements could be made

Audit Main Areas

The four main areas we focused on in our audit

Mobile Food and Drink Ordering - or MFDO - was the main focus of our audit. We quickly identified it as the top area where meaningful change could be made short term. The current in-app process works well, but the 'ready' step was redundant for guests, and team members kept skipping it to speed up the food pick-up process. We also found that there was significant confusion stemming from the non-uniformity of themed signage in the MFDO process, which slowed down guests. Our audit revealed that there was a direct correlation between MFDO efficiency and signage, and it was our top recommendation.

Audit Survey Results Page
In-App Food Pick-Up Process
Food Signage

Our rating system scored categories like ease of pick-up or store organization

The other main area of our audit focused on our mobile app. The main page of the app just needed to utilize the space better and add in experiences that the park offers but are just not advertised enough. We also found the app had several hidden gems, like parking reminders or ride notifications, which were not well advertised and could really improve many guests' experiences if promoted more clearly.

Examples of themed signs throughout the park

App Homepage Redesign
Adding A New Feature To The App

We also identified carnival games as a poorly marketed feature in the park that could be better integrated into the app to promote the sale of game cards and by extension the activity itself. Creating a leaderboard of scores for different carnival games would add new value to these games for guests.

Epic Tips
Ad Space In Park

*This work is property of Universal Studios Orlando and is used with their express permission

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