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Fore Craft Cocktails

Elevating a small brand to new heights through a campaign that appeals to the golfer in all of us.

The Problem

Fore Craft Cocktails is a small canned cocktail brand selling a signature golf drink: The Transfusion. But The Transfusion is so tightly connected to golf, people assume it's just for golfers.


This perception needs to be changed. What White Claw did for seltzers or Mike's did for hard lemonade Fore Craft can do for The Transfusion, removing the uncertainty of buying. 

Classic Drinks

Live-Client Pitch Winner

The Audience

We dove into what drives the average golfer to the green, and it was for more than just the sport. Golf allows them to enjoy socializing, being outdoors, and getting a drink - the same thing that drives non-golfers to bars or activities at golf-adjacent locations like Top Golf. 

“It’s the social aspect of the game that keeps bringing me back. My score is irrelevant.” - Eric, 35

We realized golfers and these golf-minded people had a lot in common, especially when it comes to drinking. The Transfusion may have originated as a "golfer's drink", but really it is for anyone who enjoys the things that make up the golf experience.

The Strategy

Everybody is a golfer.

Fore Logo

The Campaign

Because in golf, there is nothing

better than being Subpar

Our campaign uses our strategy to let golf-minded people utilize the positive golf connotation of subpar instead of the everyday negative one.


This campaign is focused on changing the perception that The Transfusion is a golf-only drink while educating consumers on what kind of drink it is. We also use our new voice and tagline "Be Subpar" to build a brand that is memorable, unique, and speaks to its golf roots.

Our executions included out-of-home posters, gifs online, product tastings in Kroger, and continuing to strengthen their new partnership with Top Golf.

Click on the images to learn more about them

Wall Poster Static
Table Tents
Topgolf Billboard Results
Animated Ad Ingredients
Fore Branded Swag
In-Store Tastings
Subpar Sorecard
Fore Top Golf Ads
Fore Billboard
FORE Tweet
FORE Tweet

*This is student work. Teammates: Allison Fitzgerald, Calyssa Kremer, Jackie Delso, Eli Reece

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