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Heinz AFK Initiative

(AFK: Away From Keyboard)

Spreading the benefits of auto-farming in Minecraft to hungry, time-sensitive gamers.

The Ask

On average, people spend 11 hours a week gaming or watching others game on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. But after playing for hours, eventually, you have to take a food break and you lose out on precious progress. Heinz asked us: how could we make their products worth pausing online life for?

The Audience

Gamers, streamers, and the people that watch them around the world. This audience comes from a huge range of backgrounds, but at their core, they are well-versed in games and gamer culture.

The Strategy

Heinz adds flavor to boring parts of our meals, and they can do the same for the boring parts of gaming.

Our activation focused on adding flavor to grinding in Minecraft. Minecraft is a fun game with endless opportunities for creation. However, not all tasks are created equal. Players must "grind", or repeat tedious actions, to collect enough resources to build or explore. Grinding through these tasks can get dull quickly. 


To encourage people to stop and eat, we will launch an auto-clicker that gathers resources that can’t be farmed automatically and create a server to teach people about auto-farming. Gaming progress will continue, so players can go AFK (away from keyboard -- a popular gaming abbreviation) to eat food with their favorite Heinz product.

Case Study Video

I did all the video editing in our case study video.

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